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When you need more sales you know you need marketing help. Often you don’t know where to start. Most conventional marketing agencies want to take you through a long and expensive “branding” process. 
At Shepherd Holmes Group we’re not like that. We don’t care about selling you random services.
We care about growing your sales.


Brand Story

You have only a few seconds to communicate with a prospective client. 
A Brand Story quickly clarifies what you offer so you can clearly & consistently communicate exactly how you help solve their problem.



Your website is your virtual lobby. But there’s a problem. We often clutter our entrance. Prospects get confused and leave.  A StoryBrand website has one goal. Guide your leads in and convert them to customers. To get sales.



Clear concise copy sells. Images and graphics are eye catching. But it’s the words that tells a story and converts leads into sales.
Two words, “Think Different”, changed Apple’s trajectory.
How much time and effort are you putting into the words you use to sell?


Marketing Strategy

The problem with most marketing is it’s selling you random services without a plan. A plan to achieve your goal…get more sales.
Shepherd Holmes Group is not interested in selling you random marketing. We build marketing plans using Clear Sales Funnels to turn leads into sales.


Event Strategy

Effective events are centered around a clear marketing goal.
Shepherd Holmes Group will help you clearly define your goal and build a strategy to achieve it. We have a proven methodology for planning effective events. We will save you time, money, and reduce your stress. 


Keynote Coaching

What you say is important. How you say it is critical. 93% of effective communication is non-verbal. Tone & body language determine how your words are received. Optimize 100% of your message with the help of a Shepherd Holmes Group Keynote Coach.

Pricing Packages & Services

A few business leaders we’ve helped…

I love business. I’ve started, grown and sold many businesses.  With each venture marketing was always the key to success.  So recently I found myself in a new business that had tremendous customer reviews, but converting leads into sales was a struggle. 

We needed another viewpoint with new eyes and ideas to get things rolling. 

We were lucky, Bill with Shepherd Holmes Group suggested and led us through a workshop and the StoryBrand process..  He helped us refine our message and get on the same page.  We have great products but we hadn’t really refined and communicated the message clearly. Bill was a great guide to improved clarity and increased sales.

Lirel Holt

CEO, Founder - CarStar

Marketing is the single most requested topic of need from our participants. In particular, for new Mentees, it is their #1 priority.

Bill leads multiple groups through our AMPUp program covering essential business areas; including an in-depth marketing analysis. He has helped dozens of our participants gain clarity about their businesses and their marketing plans. 

Bill helps them diagnose their problems and helps them craft a plan to solve those problems.  Bill is an invaluable participant and contributor to our mentees, the HEMP organization and our community.

Christina Dreiling

Managing Director, Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (HEMP)

I knew I needed to market to get new clients. My problem is I don’t like talking about myself. I don’t want to be in the limelight. I just want to help my clients have a successful event experience. Bill understood that. He helped me build a message around the problem I help my clients solve. How I help people reduce the stress of event planning so they can enjoy the experience. My marketing plan, messaging, web presence and marketing copy is uniquely me and also helps clients see the value I bring to them personally as well as their event.  He took the time and guided me to better understand my target customer, clarify my message, and created a clear sales funnel for new customers to easily find me.

Kerry Gentry

Principal, Edgewood & Park

Ready to get started?

At the Shepherd Holmes Group we know business is a fight to get sales. Your marketing is the key to driving those sales. It shouldn’t be so difficult and expensive to find marketing that works for you to survive the rough times and thrive when times are good. We believe you deserve marketing that creates a Clear Sales Funnel that gets leads and converts them into sales.